Opencart support and operation for uninterrupted and stable processes

At Galocaffe, we are committed to providing professional help to those, who are seeking to operate a fluently and smoothly working Opencart online shop. 

Our expert team comprises professionals with several years of experience in Opencart installation, operation, and support. As a result, we are ready to answer all of your questions and needs, let it be Opencart installation, customizing plugins, or troubleshooting. 

We understand that not everyone is familiar with the technical aspects of running and operating an online store, which is why our objective is to make this process as stress-free and transparent for our clients as possible. 

Even if you just started using Opencart, or if you are looking for someone to finetune your already running webshop, we are here to help you reach your business goals. 

Galocaffe is the Hungarian market leader in Opencart development and the first official Hungarian Opencart partner 

In contrast with other Opencart development businesses, we have our own centralized system, founded on the reliable motor of Opencart.

We are developing this fundamental system for more than 8 years now, which guarantees state-of-the-art solutions to our clients. By choosing us, you will get instant access to this critical system,
which has been finetuned to its current state with more than 15.000 hours of development. It has all functions and opportunities an expert e-merchant needs, which is why more and more store owners choose our services.

Peter Gal – CEO of Galocaffe

Made with love ❤️ and we are proud of you.

We incorporate all the experience of the last 10 years into our work. 

Backup for Opencart

Opencart is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, not without a reason. It is user-friendly, diverse, and guarantees multiple features that serve the growth and expansion of your business.

However, as in the case of any website, technical issues might occur along the way. This is why it is quintessential to back up your Opencart online store. This way, you can ensure that your data is safe in case of downtime, crash, or other unforeseen problems. 

There are several ways to create security backup for your Opencart store, though the most efficient of all is the utilization of an adequate backup plugin. These plugins create backups of the data of your webshop including the products, customers, orders, and settings. Moreover, automatization is key when talking about this aspect, so you don’t have to manually initiate processes or worry about forgotten instances. 

Thanks to an automated backup solution, your Opencart online store will run smoothly no matter what. 

Our clients, who chose Opencart

Forgot your Opencart password? We help you reset it

Forgetting your Opencart password is frustrating but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. There are a few simple steps that you need to take to restore your password and log in to your admin account

First of all, try to reset your password using the “Forgotten password” function on the Opencart website. Enter your e-mail address connected to the account, then, you will receive a password reset link to your inbox. If you don’t receive the e-mail, check your spam folder. 

If the “Forgotten password” function doesn’t work, you can try to restore it through FTP. Connect to your online store through FTP and navigate to your “admin” library. You need to find a “config.php” file here. Edit the file and modify the “$config[‘encryption_key’] = ‘your-encryption-key-here’;” line to “$config[‘encryption_key’] = ‘ ‘;”

Save the file and reload your Opencart online store in the browser. Now, you should be able to log into the store using the “admin” username and without a password. Upon entering, you can set a new and secure password for your account. 

Troubleshooting your Opencart online store

At a certain point, technical issues can occur in any software development project. Some of these errors can be small and easy to fix, while others can cause serious interruptions. 

In the case of e-commerce platforms, such as Opencart, it is indispensable to fix these issues as fast as possible to maintain a high level of user experience and satisfaction.

Our expert Opencart development team is experienced in identifying and resolving these problems in a timely manner. What is more, our team can advise you and your team about how to avoid potential technical errors in the future. 

If you’ve identified technical issues regarding your Opencart webshop, get in touch with us for professional assistance. 

Web hosting services and operation for your Opencart online store

The Opencart storage space is such a storage type, which has been specifically designed for the operation of the Opencart e-commerce platform. 

Opencart is a popular e-commerce platform delivering numerous functions and opportunities to a wide range of businesses. Even though you can operate Opencart on a traditional, divided hosting package, this often leads to performance issues and slow page load. 

We’ve designed our hosting packages in a way that they can satisfy the varying needs of businesses regarding performance and resources for the uninterrupted and smooth operation of their online store. 

In all cases, our Opencart hosting packages include SSL certification, multiple domains, an unlimited number of e-mail accounts, and the support of many more extra functions. 

By choosing our Opencart hosting package, organizations can make sure that their business is endowed with the necessary resources and means for continuous and efficient e-commerce store operation. 

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