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Our outstanding eCommerce Solutions

Full data service from any ERP system

Complex data integration solution. You can integrate your store with any ERP system in the world.

App that helps the work of regional representatives

A cloud base webapp with which the representatives take orders on behalf of its partners, and that is sync with the ERP

A web store designed for the e-commerce

An opensource e-commerce system with stable and scalable background and outstanding marketing features

Made with love ❤️ and we are proud of you.

We incorporate all the experience of the last 10 years into our work. 

People behind Galocaffe

A Konnektor rendszer kész integrációval rendelkezik a legnagyobb ERP rendszerekhez. Ismerd meg, hogy miben tud segíteni. 

We will give you all the help you need in the operation of your webstore

ERP system integrations and data automations

The Connector system has ready-made integration with the largest ERP systems. Find out what you can help.

A professional web store system developed for e-commerce

With outstanding integration, marketing and logistics features. It can even be rented in construction